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Dedicated Curling Ice in the Treasure Valley

The Boise Curling Club (BCC) is an arena ice club currently playing at Idaho Ice World. The BCC is a fast growing club that hosts 2 hour a week league play and between 8-10 Learn To Curl’s a year for community organizations and individuals. In the last 5 years BCC has had over 300 members, performed strongly in both regional and national competitions, developed community outreach initiatives and hosts one of the only outdoor Bonspiels, The Sawtooth Outdoor Bonspiel, in one of the most picturesque setting possible near Redfish lake. The club is poised to continue expanding these programs and growing membership – but is lacks quality curling ice and is quickly running out of available ice

To serve its members and its mission, BCC is actively pursuing plans, including fundraising, to build Idaho’s first Dedicated Curling Facility enabling expansion of recreational and competitive curling opportunities in the the state of Idaho.

Curling is an international sport extending back to the 16th century. The U.S. is relatively new to the curling landscape, compared to Canada which has nearly one million curlers, but it is one of the fastest-growing curling countries in the world. Curling became an official Olympic sport in the 1998 Winter Olympics. In the 2018 Winter Olympics, the United States Men’s team won the gold medal and drove interest in curling to all time highs in the U.S.Curling can be played on two types of ice – Multi-Use Arena Ice and Dedicated Curling Ice.

Multi-Use Arena Ice serves a multitude of ice sports such as ice hockey, figure skating, speed skating, and curling.

Dedicated Curling Ice is groomed specifically for the sport. There is no Zamboni; the ice is completely flat and smooth. There is no need for set up and take down. For clubs, dedicated ice means that there can be expanded membership, leagues for various age groups and abilities, practice time, flexible times for league play, a social atmosphere and more opportunity for community outreach.

BCC seeks a dedicated ice facility that can support both its current and future programs. Dedicated ice will enable BCC  to create a juniors, collegiate and seniors programs, provide the practice ice and programs necessary for the development of competitive curlers, and support additional flexible league times for its club members. 

The goal is to support at least 250 members curling on 4 to 5 “sheets”. This facility will be able to support 320-350 curlers in recreational and competitive leagues. This capacity will also allow the club to begin community outreach programs that can service the homeschooling community, disabled community and programs specific to age groups and experience levels.

To enable these objectives, a 17,000-22,000 square foot facility is needed with a daily parking capacity of 45-50 cars and special events parking capacity of 60-75 cars. Larger facilities will be considered based on building configuration and lease cost.

This is certainly an attainable goal. There are many dedicated ice facilities around the country, both in big and small cities and towns. There are more dedicating clubs opening every year. There is now a curling club in every state in the country and 23 states have dedicated ice with more adding one each year.  Curling participation is on the rise.

The Boise Curling club maxes out our league play every season. There are only three decent sheets to play on at Idaho Ice World although we have to play on 4 to meet the need. The 5th sheet is completely unplayable so it is used for practice. It is time for Idaho to have curling ice.


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